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I am an Inveterate traveller, Blogger and a Travel Researcher who loves seeing new places and learning about different cultures.

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I connect with the local communities in India to understand how tourists can enhance the quality of their travel experiences. My blogs are curated intending that travel should make an insightful experience, helping tourists make informed decisions and inspiring them to travel more often.

Being a former Flight attendant, I have extensively travelled the states in India and some beautiful countries in Europe and Asia. I write on Special Interest Tourism in India my niche being off-beat experiences , and my personal experiences as a tourist.


Born in Poona, I was raised in a family steeped in rich cultural Indian traditions, where we often gathered together and stories were narrated every evening before bedtime. Therefore, I think Story-telling had imbibed in me from early childhood. I cherished narrating tales borrowed from the great Indian epics, history, and also a fresh set of experiences that were added, every time we moved to a new city, with my father having numerous postings in his job. I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality and Tourism, following a keen urge to travel. At the age of twenty-one, after winning a quiz competition on the eve of World Tourism Day, I started a full-time career in the Tourism Industry and continued to study further. I am an IATA certified travel professional and I also hold various destination specialist certifications from tourism boards of different countries. I am published on Tripoto and Femina Magazine . The initial years of my career were spent in a travel agency making ticket arrangements, liaisoning with global travel agents, guiding tourists on choosing destinations, and selling M.I.C.E tourism products to multinational companies.Soon thereafter, for the love of full-time travel I quit my job at the agency and took up a new role as a Flight Attendant.

This meant divorcing from the cubicle work culture, and an unpredictable schedule henceforth. Even before I realized, I started living out of a suitcase, hopping cities, and feeling comfortable in hotel rooms across the world. I was looking at the world in a way, a normal tourist wouldn’t. Exchanging eight hundred smiles a day, I interacted with different people and different cultures.T oday after a brief stint of 6 years in the travel and tourism industry, I have paused to again start what I missed the most…Storytelling. In my blogs, I’ll present the globe to you in a different light, the one that will transform the way you look at travel and perhaps change you into a storyteller?

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Write to me on info@thepoonagirl.com for detailed itineraries specially customized for your Trip.

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Write to me on info@thepoonagirl.com to receive information and guidance on training in Niche Tourism In India.

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Write to me on info@thepoonagirl.com with your requirements and I shall recommend trusted and experienced travel partners to book your Special Interest Holiday In India.

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Write to me on info@thepoonagirl.com for any questions regarding blogs on this website or Niche Tourism In India.

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